Rockliscious - Fueling the Voice of Women in Music

Fueling the Voice of Women in Music

The impact of women in music is powerful. That's why we've created an entire brand geared towards giving women in music a platform to share their voice, to celebrate their diversity, and more importantly, to give back to the community.

Stay tuned.
We have some cool plans coming up.

Daniel Nicole


Rockliscious was founded in 2107 by musician and start-up entrepreneur Jodi Gaines.

The 2017 inaugural tour featured grammy nominated Danielle Nicole, Betty Fox, Ladies of Soul, Abbey Owens, Jodi Gaines and Cassie Ortiz performing live at Terra Fermata and The Funky Biscuit.During that summer tour, we partnered with Peace, Love and Music, to create a scholarship fund that sent a talented young women to music school for a year.

In 2018 we partnered with The Kelsey Theater for the Battle of the "Girl" Bands which drew mostly young bands with very promising futures.


The Rockliscious mission is still so incredibly important. We're looking to reignite the brand in some new and exciting ways, but we're still flushing out the details.

In the meantime, please feel to peruse photos of past events and check back soon.

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Daniel Nicole