Battle of the Bands

Featuring female-fronted bands in Rock, Pop, R&B and Country.


4 Will Be Chosen. One Will Win.

Rockliscious is excited to announce the Battle of the Bands featuring acts led by the powerful voices of woman at the nationally recognized Kelsey Theater on September 1st. The grand prize winner will take home $1000 and the runner up will receive $500.

Bands Submit

Starting June 1, bands submit a photo, video and basic info online. FEMALE-FRONTED BANDS ONLY.

Fans Vote

Approved bands will be posted for online voting where fans can vote for the act they want to see perform at the live show.

Top 4 Selected

On August 1st, we'll announce the 4 bands selected to compete based on votes and panel selection.

Live Show

Bands will battle it out at The Kelsey Theater September 1st. The audience and judges will select the winners.


What is Rockliscious Battle of the Bands?

We're taking the excitement of a live show with multiple female-led bands and using social media and online voting to drive interest, active participation, and brand awareness that will benefit the venue, sponsors, artists and the community at large.

The Battle of the Bands will be a live showcase of 4 bands chosen via Social Media campaigns that will compete for a cash prizes. Bands can submit their group online. The top 20 will be posted on the website and social media pages where fans can vote for their favorite. The top four bands will be chosen to perform at the live event based on the fan votes and panel selection.

During the live event, the winning band will be chosen based on crowd response and a panel of judges.

What kind of bands can submit?

We're looking for female-led bands, with a minimum of 3 members, that fit into the Rock, Pop, R&B and Country genres that thrive on playing live shows. Covers are fine, but originals are strongly encouraged. Bands that are scheduled to play at the Kelsey Theater during the month of August and September 2018 are not eligible. No backing tracks will be allowed at the final show.

What do you mean by female-led bands?

At the very minimum, if you have a band with a women lead on vocals, we consider it a female-led band. However, we would love to see bands with more than one talented lady involved. So whether you have one female lead vocalist or a whole band comprised of kick-ass women, you fit the Rockliscious bill.

Is there an age minimum?

No. We've decided to make this an all access event. However, if bander members under 18 that make it to the final four will have to have a signed waiver from their parental / guardian peeps.

Tell me more about the prizes.

The grand prize winner will take home $1000 and the runner up will receive $500. Not too shabby.

Completing the Submission Form

Bands can submit online. Not all fields in the form are required, however, the more complete your profile is, the better your chances. Band images that are uploaded should be no more than 810 pixels wide or 1200 pixels height, and max file size is 400KB. Between 200-800 pixels height works best.

If you are submitting videos or audio files, be sure your privacy settings are set to public.

For Social Media pages, use the entire URL (e.g.

What happens after a band submits?

Once you've submitted your band, our committee will review submissions for to make sure they meet all of the criteria. Approved bands will be notified via email and given all kinds of support material to get people voting.

How can fans vote?

Fans will be able to vote for their favorite band by visiting the voting website (to be published) and simply clicking on their choice. An email is required. Voting is limited to one email per day. Voting closes on July 29, 2018 at 11:59pm

Rules, Regulations and Judging Criteria

Pretty straight forward stuff. But you can view all the details on our Official Rules, Regulations and Judging Criteria page.

Where will the live show be?

The live show will be on September 1, 2018 at The Kelsey Theater, 700 Park Avenue, Lake Park, Florida 33403 from 8p to 11pm. Doors will open at 7pm.

Who's putting on the event?

The Battle of the Bands is being produced and managed by JGE Productions in partnership with The Kelsey Theater.

Rockliscious - Promoting Women in Music

The impact of women in music is powerful.

It's a movement that is starting to gain much needed traction and one we feel very passionate about. That's why we're putting together special events that give woman a platform to "share their voice," to celebrate their diversity and richness, and more importantly, to give back to the community.

Rockliscious concerts showcase women musicians with live concerts, acoustic sessions, singer/songriter workshops, and most recently, a Battle of the Bands.

Our 2017 inaugural tour featured Danielle Nicole, Betty Fox, Ladies of Soul, Abbey Owens, Jodi Gaines and Cassie Ortiz performing live at Terra Fermata and The Funky Biscuit. This fall, we're proud to partner with The Kelsey Theater to produce all kinds of exciting shows featuring women in music. Stay tuned for show announcements.

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