Fueling the Voice of Women in Music

News, inspiration, features, and reviews for female music lovers and creators.

Launch November 2021

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The gender split in music remains highly relevant in 2021.

Unconscious bias, sexual harassment, and constant friction make it difficult for women to be heard.

We want to give them a voice.

Only 20% of top 100 charts feature women artists

Statistica, Share of Female Artists

Only 13% of popular songs are written by women

Statistica, Popular Songs by Women

What women want.

35% of women creators want more change to come from learning and shared experiences, in the form of coaching and mentoring.

We want to be that source.

The future of music is female.

The impact of women in music is powerful. An increase in guitar sales from women, the rise of independent artists, and the availability of digital creator tools has prompted women to realize that they are capable of taking more control over their careers. Women are feeling more empowered and confident to speak up.

How can we make a difference? Through awareness, empowerment, opportunity and community.

Rockliscious started as an event brand to empower women in music by giving them a stage to “be loud” in 2017. But since then, we’ve realized that in order to make a real, long-lasting, far-reaching difference, we needed to get louder.

Launching November 2021.

Rockliscious will soon be transformed into an entertainment blog that promotes awareness of women in music, nurtures growth for artists and creators, fosters community, and tackles the difficult issues with inspiring content, including: news, artist and creator spotlights, music and product reviews, mentorship opportunities, female-friendly resources, venue highlights, and so much more.

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If you’re interested in contributing to Rockliscious, we would love to hear from you. We’re specifically looking for hard-hitting, inspiring, community driven pieces that help raise awareness for women in all areas and genres of music

Honestly, nothing is off limits as long as it supports our mission, and done in good taste of course.

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